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  • 6 weeks - 2 year-olds :  $190.

  • 2 year-olds - 3 year-olds:  $185

  • 3 year-olds - 5 year-olds:  $160

  • After-School with van pick up:  $90

  • After-School with bus drop off:  $85

  • Before & After School:  $100

  • Summer Camp:  $137

Access to Camera Live Feed:  $8.00 per week

*Current weekly enrollment charges are subject to change with a 30 day notice


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 Closings 2024

New Year's Day-January 1st

Staff Development Day- February 16th

Good Friday-March 29th

Staff Development Day-April 1st

Memorial Day-May 27th

Independence Day-July 4th

Staff Development Day-August 23rd

Labor Day-September 2nd

Thanksgiving-November 28th and 29th

Christmas-Closing Early (2:30 pm) December 24th

and Closed all day December 25th and 26th


“Our entire family adores Farmer-N-Dell. It would be hard for me to express exactly what I appreciate most: the warmth and professionalism of the staff, the creative play and outdoor activities, the nutritious meals and snacks, the excellent leadership of Michelle Aldridge…I could go on and on. As a working mother it is reassuring to see that my daughter adores school and cannot wait to start playing with her friends and teachers.  She has progressed in leaps and bounds by the daily interaction with other children her age. But what warms my heart the most and makes me realize she is in the right place is that she is surrounded by love and laughter all day long.” 

~ Heather Mintz (FND parent since daughter was 3 months old)~

"Our family has been with Farmer-N-Dell for over five years now.  We've always been greeted with a friendly smile to start and end the day.  There's not one moment in the last five years that we've worried about the safety of our children and we've always been pleased with the educational environment."

~BJ Murphy, Mayor of Kinston~



"My daughter, Gracie, started Farmer-N-Dell in August of 2013.  She had been in a previous daycare for only a short period of time, however, it was a very bad experience for her.  She came to Farmer-N-Dell an emotional wreck with severe separation anxiety.  We were assured by everyone that she would be treated with love and kindness.  She was shown such love a patience, she fell in love with school and her teachers.  She now tells everyone that Farmer-N-Dell is HER school.  Gracie has definitely come out of her "shell" and has let her little personality shine.  She has made new friends, as we have also.  It feels so much lika a family...she even loves to eat all of Ms. Carolyn's good cooking!  We can't say enough about how much this place has done for our child and our family.  We love Farmer-N-Dell!"

~Diane Lane~



"Our family has been with Farmer-N-Dell for three years now.  We could not be more pleased with the care they extend.  Child care is of the utmost importance and here we have never been disappointed.  When Gracie went full time she would wake up every morning ready to see Mrs. Michelle and her friends.  Truly we feel like part of a big family there.  Can't wait for summer! Bring on the fun!"

~Donna & Stuart Raney~



"When we began sending our children to Farmer-N-Dell in August 2011, our twin boys were 10 months old and our daughter was 2 and a half years old. We chose Farmer-N-Dell because of the flexibility in scheduling, reasonable rate, emphasis on outdoor play, and consistent routines. The teachers at Farmer-N-Dell have always made our children feel special, and we have always felt very confident leaving our children in their care. Our daughter enjoyed taking field trips with her class and swimming in the pool as she got older, and I feel like the structure and positive discipline enforced at Farmer-N-Dell prepared her for the Transition class that she attends this year. Our sons are currently 3 and a half years old, and we continue to enjoy the benefits of sending them to Farmer-N-Dell. I would recommend Farmer-N-Dell to parents with children of any age looking for an organized, clean, well run childcare facility."

~Leslie Lewis~



"Our son has enjoyed his time at Farmer-N-Dell. He has learned a lot from the wonderful teachers he has had through the years and has made his first friends there. In addition to learning his colors, shapes, letters, numbers, numerous songs, how to write his name and to read short primers; he has learned to share, negotiate, wait his turn, and the benefits of trying to get along with others. I am hopeful that all he has learned in the past five years at Farmer-N-Dell and the social aspects provided in their nurturing setting will serve him well when he begins kindergarten."

~Mother of a 5-year-old who has attended Farmer-N-Dell since he was 2 months old~



"As a second generation “Dellie” there was never any doubt that my daughter would attend Farmer-n-Dell. I remember my happy days at FND and can see my daughter progressing and growing each day in a safe and secure environment . She enjoys interacting with her daytime “brothers and sisters” and loves her teachers! I feel like I have a good rapport with the teachers and staff and that they truly have my child’s best at all times throughout the day. As a working Mother, I feel confident that Maddie is well cared for, learning along with other children her age and will be well prepared to begin pre-school when that time comes."

~Mary Howard~





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