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6:30 A.M. - 6:00 P.M 

"During infancy and early childhood, 90% of critical brain development takes place.  With quality early childhood education, children will be school ready; have higher graduation rates, and grow into productive citizens and valuable employees."

                                   North Carolina Child Care Coalition



We believe each child is unique and learns differently.  We believe that children need a balance of structured and free play.  The children will be provided with age appropriate materials and activities to nurture, stimulate, and stretch their minds.  We stress an importance in teaching the children in our care to love learning, making hands on experience fun, exciting, and rewarding.  We do not want learning to be associated with "work" or "punishment", therefore the majority of our learning will be through play, both structured teacher directed and free choice activities.  




We believe that children learn best when their environment promotes creativity and functionality.  We will expect "indoor" voices inside and will allow "outdoor" voices outside.  Children will learn in a calm, caring, and clean environment while they are inside.  They will be given adequate time to rest and to eat throughout the day.  We want to make sure their minds are fresh for growing.  They will also have time daily to be outside, breathing fresh air, exploring and perfecting those gross motor skills!  We expect our caregivers to give adequate supervision, engaging with the children both inside and outside, assisting them in making wise choices and being careful to take advantage of every learning opportunity, whether it is social or academic.  A strong emphasis on safety is our center's priority.  We have been and will continue to research, develop, and improve the best safety guidelines for our center, including checking the children in and out through a secure, computerized, top notch program.  We truly believe in providing your children with a worry free, loving, safe environment, where they will have access to countless learning opportunities.  


We screen each of our teachers carefully, prior to their employment.  Each teacher has at least the following:


  • Early Childhood Credentials or are currently enrolled

  • Continuing Education Workshops

  • CPR Training and First Aid (within the first year of employment

  • SIDS Training

  • TB Skin Test

  • Criminal Background Check

  • Fingerprints

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